Why You Need an Expert Pinterest Review

Why You Need an Expert Pinterest Review

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If your Pinterest account is struggling to get Followers and isn’t sending traffic to your site, I’ve got the answer for you.  You need an expert Pinterest review for your account.  Someone (well, ME actually!) to go through your account and tell you EXACTLY what you need to fix to get the traffic you want and deserve.  With all the recent algorithm changes, Pinterest strategy is so critical these days to getting great traffic from Pinterest.

Just think about it – IF YOU AREN’T GETTING THE PINTEREST TRAFFIC YOU DESERVE – IT’S GOING TO SOMEONE ELSE!   How ’bout we FIX THAT?    I’ll teach you all the SECRETS to improve your Pinterest traffic.

You see, I’m a professional Pinterest Manager (also known as a Pinterest VA or Virtual Assistant), so I’m dealing with Pinterest accounts all day, every day.  I’m currently managing nearly 20 accounts for myself and my clients.  And I’ve been doing this for nearly a decade now, and using Pinterest on a daily basis since it first came on the scene.  So, I think it’s fair to consider me an expert, right?

It’s completely personal to your account – I always say that each Pinterest account is as unique as a fingerprint.  So that’s why it helps to have someone who can tailor their advice to specifically what is going on with your particular account.   I never give the same advice to any two clients because each situation is so unique.

Expert Pinterest Review



How Does an Expert Pinterest Review Work?

Because I spend so much time on Pinterest I’ve learned a lot through trial and error what works, and more importantly, what DOESN’T WORK.  This makes it easier to go through someone’s account and go right down the line – yep, yep, NOPE, NOPE, fix this, tweak that, and done!  Sometimes it really helps to have a pair of outside eyes to look at your account in a totally objective manner.  A lot of times, users just kind of throw pins out there without a specific strategy and that doesn’t usually create the best result to grow your Pinterest traffic, which is kind of the point of a Pinterest account, right?

So, instead of floundering around in the dark, trying to fix your Pinterest traffic yourself, let’s work on creating a coordinated Pinterest strategy for your account.  I’ve even got a handy 30-point checklist that I’ve developed so you can easily see exactly where you could improve for both Pinterest AND Tailwind.  See, it’s even color-coded – red, yellow, green, just like a stoplight.


Expert Pinterest Review checklist

Then, once I’ve completed your checklist, I do a Zoom call to walk you through the changes I recommend for you and answer all your questions.  I also have some helpful resources and strategy steps to help you.

I am confident that you will walk away from this process looking at your account in a whole new light.  I’ve done boardloads of these strategy sessions and every time, the person ends up with maybe 10 to 15 things that they didn’t even realize they were doing wrong.  That’s the trickiness of Pinterest.  It’s so simple to use, but it’s like chess.  Just knowing how the pieces move is only scratching the surface.  The rest of it is all strategy and cleverness.

Let’s talk about Tailwind.  I have a close relationship with them and have for years.  I am one of their top affiliates and I’m also a beta tester for many of their newest products.  Not to sound smug, but I know stuff you don’t know about Tailwind.  Even better, I can tell in a glance how you should set up your Tailwind account.  Has anyone else looked at your Tailwind set-up to see if it’s right?  Probably not…  And I’ve got a few handy tricks to save you lots of time!


If you’re ready to set up your Pinterest Strategy Session, you can CLICK HERE.

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Why You Need an Expert Pinterest Review

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