Why I Think LastPass and Loom are Risky

Why I Think LastPass and Loom are Risky

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How many passwords do you need to remember?  Dozens?  Hundreds?  Seems like every site you visit wants a password.  That adds up to a lot of different passwords to keep up with.  That’s why you need a password manager like 1Password or LastPass.  The alternative would be either reuse the same password over and over again (bad idea!), use the password reset option every 5 minutes – also a bad idea.  Or you could write them down in a little book somewhere – but if you lose the book, you’re screwed.

Why I feel LastPass is a Risky Choice

Using a Password Manager like 1Password or LastPass is an extra smart way to keep track of all your passwords.  Or is it?  It does do some cool things.  It can keep track of almost unlimited passwords, and you can share them with your assistants and colleagues without giving them full access.  It allows them to login without sharing your actual passwords.  It will even create nicely secure passwords for you and keep track of them from either your computer or an app on your phone.

Here’s what I feel makes it RISKY.  It doesn’t lock up after you use it.  Let me repeat that.  It’s a password manager where you store ALL of your passwords and it DOESN’T LOCK automatically.  Hmmmm.  You log in to use a password, but then it stays unlocked.  Indefinitely or at least for several DAYS at a time.  This means if anyone gets ahold of your computer (hey, it happens), you’ve just created a PASSWORD SMORGASBORD for them – yikes!  There is even a LastPass Chrome Extension to make it EASIER for the hackers.  That’s kind of terrifying.

You’d not only have to go through and reset your passwords for all your banking, websites, social media, and everything else, but you’d have to REMEMBER all the different sites without your computer (cuz it was stolen!).  That would be a near-impossible task and a password NIGHTMARE.  I’ve got over 300 passwords stored in my password manager.  You CAN lock it manually, but you’d have to remember – every time.  I’m probably too lazy for that – you???

LastPass creates a password smorgasbord for any would-be hacker or thief!

Thankfully, there is an alternative – I use a very similar app called 1Password.  It does all the same functions as LastPass, but it LOCKS – every_single_time!  I think it has a 10 or 15 minute time span.  You literally CANNOT leave it open like LastPass.  Sharing passwords is a little more complicated – it looks like you have to sign up for a Family or Business account to share passwords security with 1Password, but it’s do-able.  Yes, it’s a pain to have to log into it several times a day, but I’ll take that over hacker hell with LastPass.

LastPass and Loom - Risky Apps


Why Security is so Important

And security is super important.  I see lots of clients making silly mistakes with their passwords.  Using their names, kids names, pets names, or the names of their sites.  A good hacker can crack passwords like those in minutes.  That’s why it’s so important that you make a good choice when picking a password manager app. Here’s a little trick I like to use.  We type passwords in a lot, right?  So make them something motivational – Im#Awes0meX365 or something that gets you pumped up!  Then it’s easy for you to remember, but hard to hack.

PS:  I also like password keeper apps like 1Password or LastPass to store your zillion passwords for everything.

If you have a WordPress website, you NEED to read my post on securing your website from hackers.  It’s SO important and these critical tips are ridiculously overlooked by EVERYBODY.  I’ve had lots of friends who’ve gotten hacked.  #nofun #hackersarearealthing

This is funny!  You can just watch the first three minutes.  We all need a good laugh sometimes.



Loom – Another Popular but Risky Tool

Loom is another free tool that I see tons of people recommending.  It’s a way to take a quick video of your screen.  It is super handy if you’re having a technical problem on your site – you can SHOW them exactly what is going wrong.  Or quickly show someone how to do something complicated.  And everyone seems to like it, so I signed up for it.  I tried it, but then I saw it show up at the top of my Gmail screen.  Uh, nope!  In case you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of a freak about security.  Having even a chance that someone could be recording my personal and business Email.  Not on my watch….  Deleted!

I use an alternative app called SnagIt.  It has a free version, but I use the paid version.  And it only shows up when I WANT to use it, not when it wants to record my onscreen activities without my knowledge.  The thing with free tools is that these people aren’t running a charity.  If they aren’t charging you for the service, they are likely making money another way – usually by selling your data.  Follow the money…

Not to get political or anything, but if we don’t start kicking up a fuss and protesting the misuse of our data and the loss of our privacy, I think we’re going to regret it.  There are already some pretty egregious things going on in the world of cybertechnology and I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like even 10 years from now.

I used to think I was a little paranoid, but just this week I’ve heard about three completely blatant breaches of privacy and security with TikTok, Ring doorbells, and Alexa.  It’s getting increasing creepy out there and you’ve got to do what you can, not only to protect yourself from hackers, but also Corporations that are tracking and selling your data left and right.  Anyway, I hope this helps you make some smart choices for LastPass and Loom.

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Why I Think LastPass and Loom are Risky

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