Welcome to Help for New Bloggers

Welcome to Help for New Bloggers

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Welcome to Help for New Bloggers

Welcome to my new blog – Help for New Bloggers.  I’ve been running my lifestyle blog – AdriansCrazyLife.com for more than a decade.  But over the last few years, I found myself gravitating towards more tech-oriented posts and I’ve recently started my own business as a Pinterest VA (Virtual Assistant) and Consultant.

So I thought it made sense to split these more technical posts off onto their own site where I could focus specifically on providing advice for new bloggers on all the technical stuff that you need to learn as a new blogger.  That’s how Help for New Bloggers was born.

As I said, I’ve been in the blogging world since 2007, so along the way, I’ve picked up lots of great tips related to blogging.  After all the time and money I’ve invested in courses, Ebooks, blog conferences, seminars, and other learning opportunities, I wanted to have a way to pass all that I’ve learned.

A Bit About Me

A little bit about me – I’m definitely a type A overachiever with that traditional baby boomer work ethic, but I also have a free spirit side that is constantly coming up with new ideas and new projects.  I always want to do ALL_THE_THINGS, but because of the workaholic side, I usually am able to actually DO a ridiculous amount of work.  So, I guess I’m like an efficiency expert with pretty strong ADHD tendencies!  Which is a good combination to have on your side.

I LOVE computers and tech stuff – that stereotype about older women being bad at computers is hilarious.  I’m in my 60’s and I run my business with my 70+ year old sister, so ha! to that.  I was a Financial Analyst for Wells Fargo and several other companies so I’ve spent the last 40 years doing spreadsheets and analysis work (yes – that’s FORTY freaking years!).  And then I ran side businesses in my “spare time”.  Until I was able to retire from Corporate life to do this Virtual Assistant (VA) work full-time – HIRE ME.

Why I Started Help for New Bloggers

I love to learn new things and then teach them to people – that’s my happy place.  Not little kids – (Lordy, I don’t have that kind of stamina OR patience) but teaching new skills to other bloggers is MUCH more fun and occasionally profitable.  That’s my true purpose in life – to help other people, typically other women to get a leg up and move forward in their lives and their businesses.  I truly believe in the concept of Community over Competition.  There are enough clients, opportunities, and money available to everyone, so it makes sense to HELP each other along the way instead of competing with each other.


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So, I’m happy you’re here – you are welcome to just settle in and enjoy!

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How I Can Help You

So, come and hang out here at Help for New Bloggers.  If you need a new website, I’m happy to answer questions, help you get started, or just build one for you.  If you need a leg up on social media, there are dozens of helpful posts to show you the way.  If you need tools and resources, you can head over to my top resources page.  There are more than a dozen great resources for new bloggers over there.  If you need a bit of coaching, just give me a buzz, I’m happy to help you get started as a blogger or to launch your own Virtual Assistant business – it’s a terrific way to make a living!

And of course, if you just need someone to offload the work to, I am absolutely here to help.  Your success is my success, so I will work my hardest as your virtual assistant to help you be successful.

If there’s anything else I can help you with, just reach out.  Even if I don’t know, I can nearly always put you in touch with someone who can help.


Welcome to Help for New Bloggers

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Blogging resources I highly recommend for YOU:

Legal Templates

You are required by law to have a certain package of legalese on your blog.  You need to have copyright notices, privacy policies, and various other terms and conditions to protect yourself from being sued.  The package I recommend is created by Amira Law - a lawyer who specializes in all aspects of blogging and internet business legalities.  Learn more about these Legal Templates HERE.

Pinterest Strategy Planner

My Pinterest Strategy Planner is a terrific tool to help you build a complete Pinterest strategy to grow your traffic.  Perfect for beginners, it shows you how to plan out your keywords, set up your boards correctly, choose which pinners to Follow, come up with your brand standards and so much more!  It's little a little self-paced course, but it's a lot cheaper than most courses and you can work at your own pace and track your progress in the included spreadsheets.  Order your Pinterest Strategy Planner HERE.

Hire Me

I'd like to be Your Fairy Techmother. I can build you a simple website, teach you LinkedIn strategies or SEO basics, coach you on how to make money with your blog - and so much MORE. I'm experienced, reliable, and pretty affordable. I've got 15 years experience as a Blogger and Virtual Assistant (VA). I can also set up Email lists, automations and build pop-ups for your site. Let's talk and see how I can help you. To learn more - go HERE.  

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