My Top Resources

These are all the tools, courses, Ebooks, and other resources I use, recommend, and love.

Tech Support Services for You

I’m a Virtual Assistant who provides TECH SUPPORT SERVICES TO VARIOUS  bloggers and small business OWNERS.  I have nearly a decade of EXPERIENCE IN Pinterest Management BUT i ALSO OFFER many OTHER TECH SERVICES AS WELL.  

I provide outstanding customer support with affordable pricing.  I’m A lifelong workaholic, which is a great quality to have in an assistant, right?  I would be honored to help you with your blog or business.  

I love to create simple and affordable websites for bloggers and businesses.  I can create a basic WordPress website in just a few days in your choice of colors with a pretty header, custom menus, and even teach you how to use it. This is an easy way to get started with your own website.  

Pinterest can be a finicky beast. If you’re struggling with it, let me hand-hold you through the process of getting your account optimized to get consistent traffic to your site from Pinterest. Sometimes a few simple tweaks can make a BIG difference. One of my most popular services.

This Pinterest Strategy Planner is the perfect tool to help you PLAN your entire Pinterest account from A to Z. This is almost a mini-course but will also guide you through crafting a focused Pinterest strategy. This is an inexpensive and low-tech solution to master Pinterest quickly!

Blog Coaching

I love working with new or struggling bloggers to show you the ropes.  How to monetize, how to do your social media correctly, and how to blog effectively to make a regular income from it. Blogging it too much work to not make money at it. Plus I help you with the scary tech stuff.  

I’ve run a successful VA business for years, so if you want to start your own VA business, I’ve got plenty of experience to give you a head start.  Contracts, billing, client management, and tech skills. This is a great way to make a living and there is a whole world of clients out there. 

Setting up an Email list PROPERLY is a pretty complicated task, especially for a new blogger.  I can help you create your popup, deliver your freebies, set up welcome automations and build a newsletter template you can use for years to keep readers coming back to your site.

I’m not an SEO expert, but I’ve done a lot of SEO work on my own blogs and for clients.  It really helps to boost your traffic, but it’s a ton of hard work, so it’s a great option to outsource to a VA like me. 

If you are looking to get organized with your blog or business and maybe even start making some MONEY with it, you are going to love this printable blog planner. It’s got everything you need to get your ducks in a row. And it’s inexpensive and low-tech! Win-win

If you have thousands of unread Emails buried in your inbox, you need some help!  I will help you prioritize your Inbox so you can find the important things and set up filters and processes to keep your inbox functioning efficiently. 


My Favorite Tools and Services

I have an ongoing love affair with these tools and services.  They hELp me run my business and keep my sanity (well, most of it!).  Try some of them.  I promise I wouldn’t steer you wrong! Let me know if you need help setting them up.  

Love Siteground because I can chat with a helpful live person in less than 5 minutes – every time!  I have 4 sites with them because I like them so much!

You HAVE to have these and this is the best version I’ve found.  I’ll install ’em FREE for you if you use my link.

I greatly prefer Rank Math vs. Yoast for my SEO.  SEO is so important and Rank Math offers tons of tools to help you.  

BEST choice for Email/newsletters, especially for newbies.  It’s free, easy to use, and feature packed!  Use my link and I’ll show you some tips. 

Tailwind is my BFF!  I use them a BUNCH of times per day.  They are what you need for Pinterest/Instagram scheduling.

It’s a lifesaver for managing my business finances.  Seriously.  Try it.  Getting your expenses documented is probably the MOST important thing you’ll do.

Forget WooCommerce, this is so much easier and cheaper to sell your products and services. Great for newbies! 

Love these Canva templates and I use them – a LOT.  They’re cheap, easy to use, and get good results.  Boom! 

Courses I Recommend

One thing that new bloggers tend to overspend on is courses.  There are lots of choices that are in the thousands, but if you are just starting out, that’s a big investment.  Here are some choices that are cheap or even free

Carly Campbell is well-known and respected in the blogging world.  This is her free Start a Blog course.  

This is Carly’s Signature Course for Pinterest.  She is one of the most respected Pinterest experts.  Just $57.  

I advertise Carly’s pin templates in the section above, but if you want to have a little preview first, these are 9 Canva/PicMonkey templates for free.  

I offer coaching for new VA’s above, but if you want a larger group, come join me in the Virtual Excellence Academy with Hannah Dixon. Awesome group with so much to learn about being a VA, plus frequent job opportunity postings.

Excellent free course to learn the basics of WordPress by iMark Interactive.  I LOVE WordPress, but it’s tricky and you can BREAK it if you aren’t careful. Learn the ropes.  

Free course to get started with blogging the right way.  There is so much to learn, you really need easy resources like this. 

This inexpensive course by Debbie Garner is a must-have.  On page SEO is a CRITICAL piece of your blogging strategy.  

Sometimes the simplest things can trip you up.  Super easy course to manage all your documents and files without losing your MIND!

The Tech Stuff

Love it or hate it, we all need the this type of tech stuff to do videos or Lives and to make our home office work.  these are my personal favorites.  

Blue Yeti Mike

This is one of the most popular and easy to use microphone styles.  It’s set up for plug ‘n play so you can use it immediately.  Plus it’s named after my cat YETI!

Ring Light

I LOVE my Ring Light.  It holds my phone in any direction, I can change it to a bright or soft color and it’s fully adjustable.  

Logitech webcam

This baby is brilliant.  Much sharper picture than you get with your laptop cam or your phone camera, plus the microphones filter out background noise.   

With constant Zoom calls, you’ve got to have a professional looking backdrop like this, especially if you have a lot of toys and clutter lying around.  

This is brilliant.  You can use it for doing videos or Lives, but it also doubles as a cheapo standing desk.  Win-win!

I’m definitely living the laptop lifestyle, so I use this baby about 10 hours each day.  Keeps my computer cool and holds it securely.  

If you’re going to sit at your desk for hours per day, you NEED a comfy chair like this one.  

Productivity is the HEART of your business and this is the BEST planner I’ve ever used.  I use it every day.  


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