You Should Probably be Using this Little Known Tailwind Feature

You Should Probably be Using this Little Known Tailwind Feature

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Tailwind is the most POWERFUL tool currently on the market for Pinterest.  However, you may not be using it as effectively as you could be.  Everyone talks about the looping, the Tribes, and the Instagram auto-post and hashtag features.  But there is a little known Tailwind feature that you might be overlooking.  In fact, there are several little known Tailwind features you might not be aware of.

Little known Tailwind feature

Note that this post may contain some affiliate links and I would make a small commission if you click on them.  It’s one of the ways I support my site.  Also, here are the Tailwind Typical Results – I don’t want to over-promise anything.  Pinterest is crazy unpredictable even at the best of times, so your mileage may vary.  But I’ve had a great experience with it.

I use this little known Tailwind feature a LOT

As a Pinterest VA (Virtual Assistant), I get to see “under the hood” on a lot of people’s Tailwind accounts.  In fact, I’m currently managing a dozen different Pinterest accounts for myself and my clients.  And it’s always fascinating to me to see how everyone puts their own spin on it.  Some lean more in favor of Tribes, some use the looping feature, and some use the interval pinning feature quite a bit.  Me, well since my Tailwind account is totally free – I might as well use all the bells and whistles they have to offer.  See my post on How to get your Tailwind account for FREE.

If you want to learn more about features like Tailwind’s Tribes or the Tailwind Instagram Hashtag Finder 2.0, you can check out those posts.  (They will open in a separate window).  But today, I want to talk about what I think is the most overlooked feature of Tailwind.  And that’s Board Lists.  It’s a very simple, but powerful feature that many of my clients weren’t using at all.  Of course, now that I’ve set it up and shown them how to use it, it’s getting lots of use.

So, here’s the question – ARE YOU USING BOARD LISTS?  If you are, are you using them WELL?  Read on and I’ll tell you more about it.

How many boards do you have on your profile?  If you’ve got fewer than 30 or so boards, you might not need this feature.  But if you’ve got the usual amount, which is between 50 and 150 boards, you definitely need this feature.  If not, you are probably NOT getting the best use out of your boards.  Plus, you probably aren’t keeping up a regular schedule of pinning because it’s so time-consuming.

So here’s one of the big benefits of Board Lists.  They save TIME and we all know that time is money, amiright?  Here’s an example of how I use my board lists.  If you are already using this little known Tailwind feature, are you using it effectively?  Do you see where it could help you.


You Should Probably be Using this Little Known Tailwind Feature

Like many bloggers, I don’t stick to a particular niche.  On my lifestyle blog, I write about a variety of topics, so when I’m going to schedule my pins, I may have a parenting post followed by an organizing post followed by a money-saving post.  Even on this blog, I have several different blogging and tech topics I cover.  I have 10-12 group boards for each of my topics, so can you imagine if I had to dig about maybe 30 or 40 group boards to send all my pins to.  With my board lists set up like this, it takes one click per pin to schedule them to all the relevant boards.  Voila!

Board Lists Help You Use Your Boards Efficiently

The other thing board lists does is help you use your boards efficiently.  We all have those boards that are kind of off the beaten path and don’t get pinned to often.  It’s easy to forget which ones you have when you have so many boards.  I’ll tell you any board that I’m going to allow on my profile is going to EARN it’s keep or I’m going to remove it.  I check periodically to make sure that EVERY board is showing up on one or more lists.

What do you do if you have a group board that limits your pins to so many per day?  It still works just fine with board lists.  I set them up on a secondary list with a note that they are limited use.  I still use them, but not as much as my other boards.

Tailwind Board List Video

Here’s a quick video to show you my board lists in action.


Pro Tip:  There is a little almost secret feature within your board lists that provides a list of which boards you’ve pinned this particular pin to and how recently.  I didn’t even notice this feature until someone pointed it out to me, so I’m sharing it with you.

Here are a couple of examples of how it shows up – it’s a little yellow exclamation point that notifies you that you’ve pinned to these boards previously.

You Should Probably be Using this Little Known Tailwind Feature

When you click it, here’s the detailed information that shows up:

You Should Probably be Using this Little Known Tailwind Feature

With Pinterest being so nit-picky about repeating pins lately and suspending accounts, you need to be really careful about repeating pins too frequently.  I try to space them out by about a month or so, so I would likely remove some of these boards before I would schedule this pin.

I do hope that this tip will be helpful to you.  If you liked it, I’ve got tons more tips for both Pinterest and Tailwind and some are linked below.  Or you might like my Pinterest Strategy planner to show you how to use Tailwind for Pinterest effectively and also to plan out your Pinterest strategy.

If you haven’t yet signed up for Tailwind Pinterest scheduler, I’d love it if you used my affiliate link to sign up.  You are also welcome to join any of my Tailwind Tribes.  I have five different Tribes now covering a variety of niches.  They are all open to anyone who wants to join (although I do dismiss rule breakers as needed).  Just search on Adrian in Tailwind Tribes to join any of my Tribes.


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You Should Probably be Using this Little Known Tailwind Feature

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  1. Yes! Board lists are awesome!! I definitely need to grow my amount of boards but the board lists still help. I have told others about them also because they can make pinning so much faster!

  2. These are summer great tips! I knew about the boards lists but I didn’t know about clicking to see the details on when you posted to them last! Awesome feature!

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