An Instagram Game Changer - Tailwind's New Hashtag Finder

An Instagram Game Changer – Tailwind’s New Hashtag Finder

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I’m always impressed with Tailwind.  They are always come up with terrific new features.  Their new Hashtag Finder 2.0  is just what you need to boost your Instagram strategy.  

I don’t know about you, but I don’t always take the time to look up new hashtags every time I post.  So I end up using variations of the same 30-40 saved hashtags.

Tailwind has the coolest features.  Their Hashtag Finder 2.0 can be a real game-changer for your Instagram account and Pinterest too.

But with their new and improved hashtag finder 2.0, it will be so much easier to find the best hashtags for your IG posts.  This is in addition to the existing Instagram features that are not available on many of the other schedulers on the market.  

  • Auto-posting of your Instagram posts on an customized smart schedule.
  • Reminders to post your Instagram stories
  • The ability to save multiple lists of hashtags for different types of posts.  Very handy if you have several different categories for your posts.  
  • Ability to crop your photos right in the app without having to pre-crop them for Instagram 
  • The new and IMPROVED 9-grid preview so you can plan out intricate Instagram grid patterns.  This one is a must-have for me.  My brain just can’t see where the posts are supposed to go without a diagram to show me.  
  • Easy to understand performance analytics for various account metrics like daily Follows/Unfollows.
  • The ability to save as many draft posts as you’d like to facilitate easy posting.  I use this a lot to save dozens of stock images, quotes, and post headings from my computer so I can post them from my phone when I have a spare minute.  

Benefits Tailwind has to Offer

This is in addition to all the terrific Pinterest features I’ve been telling you about all these years.  The Tribes, the looping, the board lists, the analytics, the autoscheduling.  It’s all good.  I also have a great post on how to come up with your Pinterest Hashtags using the Instagram Hashtag Finder feature.  And did you know you can now autoschedule your Instagram Stories?  Sweet!  

Just to be clear, Tailwind has created a statement about the typical results you can or can’t expect with their product.  Basically, your mileage may vary kind of stuff, but I’ve used it for myself and my clients for years and I’m very happy with it.  

Tailwind typical results

I will say that the original hashtag finder was a little bit disappointing, which caused me to rely more on saved hashtag lists that I had created on my own.  Now that we have this new and improved version, I’m looking forward to using the new hashtag finder 2.0. And besides, I LOVE new toys, don’t you??  

Preview of the NEW Hashtag Finder 2.0

Here is a quick video to show you exactly how it is used.  

I also made a little video of myself using it so you can see how easy it is to use.  It’s not quite as “pretty” as their video, but it shows you how much quicker and easier this is to use right off the bat.  

Here’s a little snip of me using the new Hashtag 2.0 feature

Note that the following link is an affiliate link.  This means I get rewarded by Tailwind if you sign up with them using my link.  When you do sign up or if you are already on Tailwind, I hope you’ll come and join my Tribes.  They are open to the public and I have three Tribes – Social Media, Parenting/Organizing/Money, and a Tribe for all niches.  Just search on Tribes for Adrian and you’ll find me.  My Tailwind link


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An Instagram Game Changer - Tailwind's New Hashtag Finder

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