SiteGround is the service I use for my site hosting. I am massively impressed with them and that doesn’t happen often.

Their chat support is the BEST I’ve ever seen for any company.  I am speaking to a live person within 90 seconds, EVERY time, night or day.  This in itself is like Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket!  When you have a problem, you need help FAST!

Disclaimer:  This post does contain affiliate links.  It’s one of the ways I support my site.

They offer FREE SSL and will convert your site from your existing host for FREE!  Who does that – seriously?  Plus free backups (not just one day backups – see my POST on WordPress Backups) and low-cost basic security software – for daily virus and malware scans.

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Their speed is FAST – my site is ridiculously fast compared to my previous no-name host (You’ve never heard of them and that’s a good thing because they SUCK – I didn’t know any better when I started) and Siteground seems to have amazing uptime.

If you sign up with my affiliate code – HERE.  You get a big discount on any of their Siteground plans and I get a little bonus too.  Win-win!

Siteground Hosting Plan Diagrams
So, how’s your current host working out for you?  Slow?  Can you get an answer from a live person in about 90 seconds?  I bet you can’t!  And what about their pricing?  I am saving a boatload with SiteGround – Seriously!

Here’s a breakdown of my savings by switching my host.

  • My old junky host was costing me $131 per year or about $11/month vs. $3.95 with SiteGround.  That’s a whopping 70%!  Savings:  $83.60/year.
  • I had to pay for SSL on my lifestyle blog.  It was $29 for the certificate, $35 for my host to install it, and a whopping $250 for my tech support people to get it set up and it took more than a WEEK.  SiteGround did the exact same thing for free and it took them about 20 minutes – sheesh!  Savings:  One-time savings of $314.
  • Site backups – after my site got hacked, I discovered that my old host was overwriting my backups every 24 hours, so by the time I figured something was wrong, my backup had been overwritten (sigh).  Since then, I’ve been paying $35 a year for my own backups.  SiteGround gives me 7 days worth of backups for free.  Savings:  $35/year
  • Site Security – I am a bit paranoid about security, so I’ve been paying $99/year for premium WordFence security.  It’s a huge file and it’s slowing down my site tremendously.  I’m considering dropping it because SiteGround provides me with daily security scans for about a fifth of the price.  Savings: $70/year

So, that’s roughly $500 dollars I completely flushed down the drain by sticking with my old, awful host rather than do a bit of research and find out what better options would’ve been available to me.  Boy, am I feeling dumb!

Don’t be like me.  Look at the whole picture and make a smart decision by going with a quality host like SiteGround.

Here is that link again – I can tell you’re thinking about it.  Adrian’s SiteGround Link.

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