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Why I Recommend SiteGround Hosting

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SiteGround is the best web hosting service I’ve found. I am massively impressed with them because they do a great job on all my sites. I’ve seen some other web hosting services that are pretty dismal and having a good host is really important.  Your site host can really affect the performance of your site.

Why I feel Siteground is the BEST Web Hosting Service

One thing I like the most about Siteground web hosting plans is that their chat support is the BEST I’ve ever seen for any company.  I am usually able to speak to a live person within 90 seconds, EVERY time, night or day.  This in itself is like Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket!  When you have a problem, you need help FAST!

Check out my HIRE ME page if you are looking for someone to set up your website for you or if you need technical help with your WordPress website.  I love to do jobs like that.  

They offer FREE SSL and will convert your site from your existing host for FREE!  Who does that – seriously?  Plus free backups (not just one day backups – see my helpful post on how I almost lost my site due to an indequate WordPress Backup from a previous host) and low-cost basic security software – for daily virus and malware scans.

Siteground Web Hosting Service



Their speed is FAST – my site is ridiculously fast compared to my previous no-name host (You’ve never heard of them and that’s a good thing because they SUCK – I didn’t know any better when I started) and Siteground seems to have amazing uptime.

If you sign up with my affiliate code – HERE.  You get a big discount on any of their Siteground web hosting plans and I get a little bonus too.  Win-win!

Why I Recommend SiteGround Hosting

So, how’s your current host working out for you?  Slow?  Can you get an answer from a live person in about 90 seconds?  I bet you can’t!  And what about their pricing?  I am saving a boatload with SiteGround – Seriously!

Here’s a breakdown of my savings by switching my host.

  • My old junky host was costing me $131 per year or about $11/month vs. $3.95 with SiteGround.  That’s a whopping 70%!  Savings:  $83.60/year.
  • I had to pay for SSL on my lifestyle blog.  It was $29 for the certificate, $35 for my host to install it, and a whopping $250 for my tech support people to get it set up and it took more than a WEEK.  SiteGround did the exact same thing for free and it took them about 20 minutes – sheesh!  Savings:  One-time savings of $314.
  • Site backups – after my site got hacked, I discovered that my old host was overwriting my backups every 24 hours, so by the time I figured something was wrong, my backup had been overwritten (sigh).  Since then, I had been paying $35 a year for my own backups.  SiteGround gives me 30 days worth of backups for free.  Savings:  $35/year
  • Site Security – I am a bit paranoid about security, so I’ve been paying $99/year for premium WordFence security.  It’s a huge file and it’s slowing down my site tremendously.  I’m considering dropping it because SiteGround provides me with daily security scans for about a fifth of the price.  Savings: $70/year

So, that’s roughly $500 dollars I completely flushed down the drain by sticking with my old, awful host rather than do a bit of research and find out what better options would’ve been available to me.  Boy, am I feeling dumb!

Don’t be like me.  Look at the whole picture and make a smart decision by going with a quality host like SiteGround.

Here is that link again – I can tell you’re thinking about it.  Adrian’s SiteGround Link.

Just a note about how affiliate links actually work.  If you click my link and sign up with Siteground, I get a nice commission at no cost to you.  But if you just go directly to Siteground and sign up on your own, I don’t get anything.  These affiliate marketing programs are an important source of income for bloggers.  


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Why I Recommend SiteGround Hosting


Why I Recommend SiteGround Hosting

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