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Here at, we respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it. The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you of what information we collect, how we use it and how it may be used. We also include information on how you can opt out of such collection.

Cookie Privacy Policy

My website uses cookies to log information via small data files stored on your computers browser. We may use session cookies which expire when you close your browser or persistent cookies which remain until deleted. These provide you with a personalized experience. We may also collect information about your device, IP address, browser type, referring website, pages you’ve viewed or links clicked. If you do not agree to my cookie privacy policy, you are free to leave my site and delete the files manually or use a blocking program. Please be aware that this site may not work properly without cookies.

How Your Information May be Used

  • To operate the website
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  • To protect my site from any illegal activity.

Comment Privacy Policy

If you leave a comment on one of my posts, your name, photo, website and recent post may be visible to the public. Your email will be visible to me but will not be visible to the public. I may remove any comments at my sole discretion.  My house = my rules.

Newsletter Policy

I use Mailerlite for my newsletter delivery and I have an RSS feed. Each newsletter may contain tracking data to determine the success of the marketing campaign. Every mailing sent to you will contain a clear unsubscribe link to permanently remove your info from my list.

How I Make Money

Not surprisingly, and are a for-profit entities. I spend as much as 20-30 hours per week working on this site and I pay for a variety of services to operate and maintain my site so I need to cover those costs and my time.
Some of the ways I earn money are:
  1. I have affiliate relationships with a number of companies like Amazon. If you click these links and make a purchase, I receive a commission, even if you buy a different item or buy an item days or weeks later.
  2. There may be sidebar ads where I am compensated by the volume of views or clicks for each ad.
  3. I may be paid or materially compensated by companies for advertising their products. I only review products I personally approve and believe in and I try to clearly disclose when I am being compensated or not.
  4. One of my primary sources of compensation is the sale of my own Ebooks, consulting services, and courses as well as those from other influencers. I clearly indicate what items you’ll receive and who is providing them. No other guarantee or warranty is implied or given.
  5. I also contract with individuals or businesses to do Pinterest work on their behalf. I usually have a waiting list for these services.
  6. This is not a fully inclusive list – there may be additional income sources that I may add later.
Amazon specific disclaimer – this site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Some of the products linked in my posts may be affiliate links, earning me a small commission on any products purchased via that link.

Third Party Use of Personal Information

We may share information with other parties in the course of doing business. I use the following services – this may not be a fully inclusive list. Each company will have their own privacy policy listed on their site.
Google Analytics – to track website usage and user actions on my website.
Google documents – I use several documents and spreadsheets to organize and track information for my site. Usually users register their own information for my Pinterest group boards or lists of information I deliver to users. – handles my newsletter delivery and drip campaign automations.
SendOwl/PayPal – if you make a purchase from me, I use SendOwl for digital delivery of my products and PayPal to process payments. Only your email and items purchased are shared with me.