If you aren't getting the pinterest traffic you deserve - it's going to someone else!


I'll teach you all the SECRETS to
make your Pinterest account a success.

Pinterest can be a tricky platform to master

Does it seem like everyone around you is getting all this amazing TRAFFIC from Pinterest, while you're getting CRICKETS??
That's not just annoying, it's costing you MONEY. We all know that


All the click funnels, fancy shopfronts, and affiliate links in the world aren't going to help you if NO ONE is SEEING THEM.

That's why I'm here to help you

You need to know WHAT to pin and HOW OFTEN to pin it.  Even simple changes can make a BIG difference!

You need to know HOW to create those EYE-CATCHING pins that will draw in customers or readers.

You need to know what BOARDS to use and how to write COMPELLING descriptions with the right KEYWORDS

What if you could...

Make a few simple changes to your Pinterest strategy that would make ALL the difference? 

Let’s me show you how to use four simple tools to align your Pinterest account properly to stop spinning your wheels and take off!

  I’ve created videos included in the Ebook to show you how to align the power of:

  • Tailwind
  • Canva
  • Yoast
  • Social Warfare

To pull it all together – posts, images, keywords, and leveraging other users’ sharing power to boost YOUR TRAFFIC. 

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i'm ready

Send me the Pinterest Ebook and the bonus items.  

I want to start getting more traffic from Pinterest TODAY.  


how to make
pinterest and tailwind
work for you

I’ll show you exactly how to:

  • Optimize your Pinterest profile to gain Followers and repins quickly
  • Use Yoast to enhance your Pinterest SEO
  • Use Tailwind to schedule your pins quickly and get shares from your Tribes. You can schedule a week’s worth of pins in 30 min. 
  • Use Canva to create gorgeous pins that will attract the attention of your target audience
  • Use Social Warfare to get your readers to help share your content.  
How to Make Pinterest and Tailwind work for you.
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  • I devote an entire chapter to my unique group board strategy. I believe it's one of the foundations of my success. You'll definitely want to investigate this particular strategy as it helps me grow my Email list, sell my products, and expand my brand. I want to help you do the same.
  • I'm a beta tester for Tailwind and I've worked closely with them for years. I'll show you how to take advantage of their generous affiliate program to earn free services.
  • Pinterest is always changing, so I'll include you in my weekly Email list so I can keep you updated on new developments in Pinterest strategies.
  • I'll show you some of the common mistakes I've seen clients making. I'll also show you a little trick to gain Followers from your competition.

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Send me the Pinterest Ebook and the bonus items.  

I want to start getting more traffic from Pinterest TODAY.  

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A little bit about me

I’ve been running a VA (Virtual Assistant) business for about 4 years as a Pinterest Strategist. 

I pin around 100,000 pins per year for myself and my clients, so I’ve seen a lot about what people are doing WRONG and what they’re doing RIGHT. 

Between my two sites, I have more than 30,000 Pinterest Followers and more than a dozen large group boards bringing me more than 1M impressions per month and a consistent  income.  All as a result of my unique Pinterest strategies.  

  • My lifestyle blog is AdriansCrazyLife.com
  • My tech and business blog is HelpforNewBloggers.com.

I don’t believe success like this happens by chance.  It takes smarts and hard work!  

It happens by having specific, proven strategies and making small, simple tweaks to move their account in the right direction.  That’s what I’m going to share with YOU in this Ebook.  

Your Bonus Items

pinterest checklist

This is a 25-point checklist I use to evaluate my new clients. This will show you EXACTLY where you need to focus your attention.

complete style guide

You need eye-catching pins and I'll show you how. I have design do's and don't's, font pairings, and over 100 color combinations to create your ideal branding.

tailwind tribes/group boards list

Tailwind Tribes and group boards are an important part of a successful strategy. So I provide you with a list of both to get you started.

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i'm ready

Send me the Pinterest Ebook and the bonus items.  

I want to start getting more traffic from Pinterest TODAY.  


This is an example from one of my clients.  After just a couple of months of using my proven methods, her business saw a major increase in repins and traffic to her site.  Here are some of the changes we made for her profile:

  • We completed revamped her keyword/hashtag strategy.
  • Worked with her designer to create a whole new set of pins for her in a light, feminine color scheme
  • Started her own group boards and her own Tailwind Tribe
  • Moved her off of some spammy group boards and got her sharing to some terrific ones on a regular basis
  • Increased her shares to her Tailwind Tribes.  Now she gets around 100 shares per Tribe each week. That’s even more shares than I get!  
Pinterest Ebook Increase in Traffic

i'm ready

Send me the Pinterest Ebook and the bonus items.  

I want to start getting more traffic from Pinterest TODAY.  

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