If you aren’t getting the traffic you DESERVE from Pinterest
It’s going to someone ELSE

Pinterest can be a very tricky platform.  You’re never sure exactly WHAT you should be pinning, how OFTEN you should pin, which boards to use, what types of IMAGES do best.  So you try ALL THE THINGS and boo!  It seems like everyone around you is getting all this amazing TRAFFIC from Pinterest while you’re getting crickets on your site.

That’s just ANNOYING and even worse than that, it is COSTING YOU MONEY.  Regardless if you are selling a product, or if you are getting income from affiliate links or getting those advertising dollars, let’s face it – low traffic = low money!

The good news is that with some simple changes to up your game, you can start getting some of that traffic back!  The trick is knowing exactly WHAT you need to change to make your Pinterest account and your pins more appealing.  That’s where I can help you.

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You’ll learn how to:

  • Optimize your profile and enhance your SEO strategy to get the Followers you want.
  • Create gorgeous and eye-catching boards and pins so people will WANT to click through to your website.
  • Use your analytics and other Pinterest tools to gain insights into your best strategies on what to write about, where to pin it and how often to share it.
  • Learn how to use schedulers like Tailwind to pin 365 days per year.  Using the techniques I’ll show you, you’ll can schedule a week’s worth of content in about 30 minutes.
  • Leverage your competition to get new ideas and find Followers who are already interested in your topics.  Join and create Tailwind Tribes to get your competitors to help you share your pins.
  • How to find the BEST group boards to join and how to get them to invite you.  (I evaluate about 100 pinners per week for my own group boards, so I know EXACTLY what board owners are looking for)
  • I’ll share my absolutely ingenious group board strategy to help you create your OWN successful group boards.  I’ll also show you 3 major benefits you’ll receive from having your own boards.  It’s a lot DIFFERENT from what everyone ELSE is doing!
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 A Little Backstory About Me

I’ve worked for more than four years as a Pinterest Consultant and VA (Virtual Assistant).  I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over that time, so I’ve seen a lot about what people are doing WRONG and what they’re doing RIGHT. 

These days, I probably pin around 100,000 pins per year for my clients and myself.  My HelpforNewBloggers account is just starting out, but my lifestyle blog AdriansCrazyLife.com has nearly 30,000 Followers.  Currently, it is getting more than 2 million views per month as a result of my unique Pinterest strategies.

Did you ever stop and think – is it just random chance that some people do well at Pinterest and some don’t?  I’m here to tell you that it’s NOT by chance. 

People are winning at Pinterest because they’re listening to the experts (like me) and taking advantage of the specific, PROVEN STRATEGIES we’re sharing.

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Pinterest is far too unpredictable for me to try to guarantee any type of results, but one of my clients recently saw a HUGE increase in her Pinterest traffic after about a month of switching to my strategies.

We redesigned her pins completely, revamped her keyword strategy, got her off some spammy group boards, and started using Tailwind more effectively. She’s currently averaging about 50 shares PER TRIBE every week in her Tailwind Tribes.  Now she’s started her OWN group boards and Tribe on my advice. As you can see, it’s paying off handsomely!

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What could YOU do with this much MORE traffic? I’m thinking that whatever method you ARE using right now, it’s not working very well or you wouldn’t be shopping around.  So let’s fix that!

Most of the courses I’ve seen out there are running about $300 to $500. And you’ve got to take like a WEEK to sit through a bunch of videos and workbooks. This Mama ain’t got that kind of time OR patience – do you???

Your Ebook will be delivered immediately to your inbox and you can get through it in an hour, maybe two.  And it’s just forty bucks.  I do have a couple of quick videos sprinkled in here and there, but they’re like 10 minutes just to show you some of my special little time-saving tricks.

I’m also including a these terrific bonus items with your purchase:

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On the other hand, if you don’t try this, what ARE you going to do?  Keep doing the same thing?  Well, that’s not working, is it?  Try one of those expensive courses everyone is pushing?  I’ve tried a few and I usually don’t even get through them (wasted money!) or I do and only see a slight improvement.

This is something where you can hit the ground running rather than sitting through HOURS of videos and workbooks. Just click the button below and you can be making improvements to your Pinterest feed by TONIGHT.

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Are YOU Making Any of these Pinterest Mistakes?

Another thing we haven’t talked about is MISTAKES.  Do you know how many people make huge MISTAKES on Pinterest every single day?  Because I’ve worked with so many clients and reviewed hundreds of pinners for my Group Boards, I’ve seen a HUGE range of things people do WRONG on their Pinterest accounts.  Here are some of the more common ones:

  • Pins aren’t linked properly to their sites
  • Descriptions aren’t keyworded for proper SEO
  • Pins are misspelled or just downright UGLY
  • They get on spammy group boards
  • They have boards with 5 pins on them – why bother?
  • Their boards aren’t ordered properly to draw attention to their own pins
  • They’re pinning too much (or usually not enough!)
  • And soooooo many other things

Are YOU doing any of these things?  Probably, at least a few.  I’ll show you how to spot them and fix them.  One of the bonus items is a spreadsheet that I use for my own clients.  It has 30 different categories to evaluate every aspect of your profile, which will point out many of these things you could be doing wrong.

And at the end, you get to give yourself a letter grade, just like in school.  I hope you get an A, but you probably wouldn’t be shopping my Ebook if you had an A-Level profile.  But at least you’ll KNOW exactly what changes you need to make to get to the A!  

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So, let’s recap.  You’re going to get the Ebook with all my BEST tips to help you boost your Pinterest presence.  You’ll also get my tips on using Tailwind – I’m kind of a badass when it comes to Tailwind.  I’ve used it daily for about 4 years now and I’m also one of their Beta testers, so I work with them to evaluate and refine their new features.  You also get help with how to use Canva.  it’s such a great tool and I use it a TON, so you’ll learn a few helpful tips on how to create those eye-catching pins in Canva.

And don’t forget about the lists of Tailwind Tribes and no-limit group boards. They’re broken down by the most popular niches and they’ll give you a good start on picking some great niche-specific boards to share your pins.

Pinterest is ALWAYS changing, so I’ll add you to my weekly newsletter list to keep you updated on new developments happening with Pinterest and Tailwind. #helpful #ongoingsupport #latestandgreatest

That’s a LOT of value for your $40 investment, doncha think? So, let’s get rolling…..

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