Having a Pinterest Audit done on your account is a GREAT way to boost your Pinterest account.  Because it’s specific to YOUR unique profile.    

You’re here because Pinterest ISN’T WORKING FOR YOU.  I can HELP.

  • Pinterest is one of the TOP ways to increase traffic to your site and/or sell your products.  BUT, you’ve got to know how to use it RIGHT.  
  • If you’re not getting the results you want from Pinterest, you need some EXPERT ADVICE on what you might be doing WRONG.  
  • What if a few quick and easy changes could make a BIG difference in your whole business model?  The information I provide is not just general “get traffic” tips.  I give you very specific and actionable steps based on your specific niche.  
  • There are hundreds of posts, Ebooks, courses and other resources to help you learn about Pinterest, but each Pinterest profile is as unique as a fingerprint.  So none of these resources are going to tell you exactly what YOU need to fix.  But that’s what I’ll provide to you!    
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So, what are you doing and how’s that working for ya? 

Maybe not that great since you’re here shopping around.

Let’s figure that what you’re doing on Pinterest is NOT working for you. Not as well as you’d like. This is the case for most of my clients.  I don’t have a magic wand, but some simple changes, consistently applied can make a BIG difference.

But you’ve got to START.  I’ll show you how to work smarter, rather than harder.  It might be the look of your pins, your descriptions, or your board setup.  Maybe you haven’t been very consistent.  I pin for myself and my clients 365 days per year without fail.  Think that gets us better results than someone who is hit ‘n miss with their pinning?  You betcha! 

I’ve got a checklist to review and rank 25 different aspects of your account then I’ll clearly indicate which areas need improvement and where to start first.  You’ll be surprised at how many suggestions I’ll be able to provide. It’s like those decorating shows when someone comes into a house and turns it completely on it’s head.  Move that BUS!!  

You’ll also learn how to leverage your competition!  Spying on the big fish in your niche can teach you a ton.  I’ll even show you how to grab some Followers this way.  It’s one of several sneaky little tricks that I’ll show you. 

Maybe even a new Group Board strategy you might not have heard before….

You’ll get some terrific bonus items to sweeten the deal.

  • A copy of my Pinterest Ebook (a $49 value).  Includes several videos to show you exactly how I do all_the_things! 
  • List of 75 No Limit Group Boards and 75 Tailwind Tribes you can instantly join – various niches.
  • My Style Guide and Canva tips.  100 great color combinations and font pairings along with my best pin-creation tips.  

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

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Here are some actual results from one of my clients.  This is about 2 months after she completely revamped her account based on her Pinterest audit. 

Pinterest is crazy and unpredictable, so I can’t guarantee any particular results, but I’ve seen major improvements like this with most of my clients.  

Pinterest Ebook Increase in Traffic

OK, it’s GO TIME.  Are you Ready to Make some BIG CHANGES?

The price of my Pinterest Audit is $199.  That includes the full 30-point review, my notes (usually several pages) explaining the changes I’m suggesting.  Also includes my Pinterest Ebook (a $49 value) and the bonus items as mentioned.  I’ll also answer all your questions (within reason) and add you to my weekly newsletter for great tips and new ideas.