Anatomy of a perfect Pinterest pin

5 Tips for the Perfect Pinterest Pin

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If you are like me, you are always in search of the perfect Pinterest pin.  I do OK with creating pins, but I’m definitely not an expert, so I thought I’d bring in a professional designer to help give you some tips on how to create the perfect Pinterest pin to get more eyeballs on your content.  So let me introduce Clarita:

Anatomy of a perfect Pinterest pin


5 Helpful Tips on Creating the Perfect Pinterest Pin

Hi there! I’m Clarita, designer and owner of and I’m on a mission to simplify design for non-designers. I help bloggers and online entrepreneurs to stand out with their visual content.

I used to think that Pinterest was just for recipes and home decor.  But what I didn’t know was how much of a gold mine Pinterest could be.

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Let’s enhance that word: VISUAL.

This means Pinterest is almost always about:

●      Layout design

●      Imagery

●      Color

●      Font pairing

●      Headlines


So, unless your pins are visually appealing, no one stops their scroll and, of course, no one clicks.

If you want to grow your blog fast and get traffic using Pinterest, you need to learn how to create unique click-worthy pins for your blog or biz.

In this post, you’ll learn the 5 elements that make an amazing pin.  And…very important: You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create compelling pins!

Here’s where templates become your best friend. You can create your own or simplify your life and business with our professionally-designed Canva templates.

Using templates will help you feel more confident about the graphics you create while saving you some precious time. It’s a win-win. Click here to purchase your own set of Pinterest templates.

If you’ve been struggling to design eye-catching pins…you will struggle NO MORE.


So let’s break down the ingredients of a perfect Pinterest pin

#1 Styled Imagery

Images are one of the most important components of your pin designs. Whatever your niche is, choose images that resonate with the theme you are designing your pin for.  Images set a tone and evoke emotions.  Make sure the vibe you convey will attract your ideal audience.

#2 Catchy Headline

A great headline can make or break a Pinterest pin’s success. A catchy headline increases engagement and grabs people’s attention.  Make sure your headline speaks to your outcome, is specific and is different.

#3 Clear Fonts

Using font combinations creates an attractive, dynamic graphic effect.  Stick to 2-3 fonts or choose just 1, with its variations (bold, light, regular).  Keeping it simple it key for a perfect Pinterest pin.

#4 Call to Action

Tell your audience what to do next.  Use buttons, underlined text or an arrow pointing to the text, to make your call to action visible.  Be clear and use short phrases like: “Read full post”,  “Click here”, “Learn more”, “Download now!”

#5 Brand Consistency

Create brand awareness by showing up consistently.  Your Pinterest strategy should flow in terms of visual style.  You can achieve this using a few assets to craft a solid brand look:

●      use your brand color palette

●      include your logo

●      don’t forget to include your url


Now it’s time to see all of these elements in action. Here’s a sampling of pins with all of the perfect ingredients:

Anatomy of a Perfect Pin

I challenge you to apply everything you learned.  And of course, you don’t need to start from scratch.  Simplify your marketing strategy and explode your conversions with our customizable Canva template packs!

Having a selection of templates on hand helps you achieve brand consistency and will definitely speed up your content creation process!

All templates are  fully customizable!  Simply change the fonts, colors and images for a completely unique look every time!

All you need is Canva and a few of your own images and you will be creating eye-catching pins in no time. Easy peasy!

Start creating perfect Pinterest pins and send a constant flow of traffic to your website every. single. day.


Happy pinning!




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Anatomy of a perfect Pinterest pin design

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5 Tips for the Perfect Pinterest Pin

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  1. Adrian, I love the idea of creating a style template for my blog pins. I usually resize other images from the blog and from time to time make up new pins along the way to boost them. Being more consistent will be on my radar now with Pinterest. Thank you.

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