I've found a great trick to find the EXPERTS in your niche using Tailwind Tribes

I learned a cool Pinterest trick this week using the NEW Insights feature in my Tailwind Tribe.  So, of course I’m going to share it with all my readers. Now, if you aren’t on Tailwind yet, here is my affiliate link – that will get you a FREE month of Tailwind, which comes with five memberships to the Tailwind Tribes of your choice (even on the trial plan).

Disclaimer – This is an affiliate link, so if you use it to sign up with Tailwind at some point, I will receive a small commission at no charge to you.  It’s sort of like tipping your waiter.  

Adrian’s Tailwind Affiliate Link

The Tailwind Insights Feature is fairly new.  By clicking the Insights button (shown below) in any one of your Tribes, you can see exactly who your top pinners are in your Tailwind Tribe.

I've found a cool new Trick to use the Tailwind Tribes Insights feature to find the top pinners in your niche.

How to Pick Out the Top Pinners in your Niche

However, that’s NOT ALL you can do with this information.  If you go down to the Tribe Highlights section, you can see all the top pinners for each of your Tribes.  Since you’ve likely chosen these Tribes carefully to fit your particular niche, you are looking at some of the high-ranking pinners in your niche.

I've found a great new trick to use the Tailwind Tribes insights feature to determine the top pinners in my niche.

In this particular example, all 3 of the top pins for the week are from the same pinner.  Two of her pins were repinned from my Tailwind Tribe 38 times and one was repinned 31 times.  She has 187 shares overall this week.  And that’s just for my Tribe.  She probably is getting similar results in her other Tribes.  It would be a pretty smart move to go and check that pinner out, by clicking on the button below her name to see her pins.

I've found a great way to use the Tailwind Tribes Insights to find the top pinners in my niche and Follow them.

She does have some nice pins and they are getting decent repin rates on Pinterest as you can see by the blue score boxes in the upper right hand corner of her pins.  If these fit your niche, you’d be smart to add several of them to your queue so you can get the benefit of her highly popular pins.  Also, look at her pin style and wording to see what is making her so attractive to other pinners.  There’s some great lessons to be learned here.

I've learned how to use the Tailwind Tribes Insights features to find the top pinners in my niche. Going Out of the Tailwind Tribe into Pinterest for More Info

If I click on her name, Tailwind shows me even more info about her.  From there, I can either visit her website, or go and find her on Pinterest.  I did and it turns out she was a bit newer than I had hoped – only 500 Followers, but she’s doing a lot of smart things, so I’m betting she will grow fast.  And a couple of her group boards look pretty interesting, so I will definitely Follower her.  And I’ve still got a bunch of other top pinners on my other boards to explore.

This would be a smart thing to do every week or so with ALL your Tailwind Tribes.  You’re likely to find some highly ranked pinners to Follow, some very popular pins to pin, and maybe find some good group boards to join.  All of those smart moves can’t help but boost your Pinterest rating.

These are the Tailwind Typical Results – Pinterest is crazy unpredictable even at the best of times, so your mileage may vary.  But I’ve had a great experience with it.

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  1. Hello again Adrian,

    This is David from Tailwind. Great article. We’re excited to unlock new ways to help Pinners collaborate. Would be great to get your ideas on other things that might be helpful?

    Thanks in advance!

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