List of US Blog Conferences

List of US Blog Conferences

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If you’ve been around me for more than 5 minutes, you’ll know that I am a HUGE proponent of blog conferences. I genuinely believe that it is the BEST thing you can do to improve your blogging game.

Blog conferences are the best and least expensive source of training, networking, relationship-building and just plain FUN in the blogging world. I make a point of attending at LEAST one per year, two if I can manage it. And it’s interesting – I am still in touch with literally dozens of people I’ve met at conferences, some of them nearly a decade ago. It’s sort of a special bonding thing, I guess.

If you are thinking of attending a conference (and I really hope that you do), you’ll want to check out my post on what to pack for a blog conference (packed with amazing tips!) and also my post about business cards and headshots for bloggers – both of them are definitely on the list of things to do prior. Here’s another very helpful post on what to do BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER attending a blog conference.  

Anyhoo, here is the list of blog conferences you might want to attend. This is in no way a complete or up-to-date list – Mama ain’t got that kind of time, but it’s a good resource to get you started. 


List of US Blog Conferences


Alt Summit

Alt Summit is THE première conference for creative entrepreneurs and stylish social media influencers. It attracts high-end sponsors. You may need to plan a clothing budget as fashion is a focus at the parties and events.

March 12-15, 2023

Palm Springs, CA
Visit website –


BlogHer – Health

No date yet for 2023

Conference Website –


Craftcation – Business & Makers Conference 

Craftification features industry experts leading attendees in small business classes and craft workshops as well as social gathering.

April 19-23, 2023

Ventura, CA

Conference website –


CookieCon and Sweets Show

While not specifically for bloggers, many bloggers speak at and attend CookieCon. “Meet thousands of Californians who share your brand’s love for all things sweet, salty and savory in the world of baking and sweets.”  Food blogger conferences are great.  At least you’ll EAT WELL!  

May 2-5, 2023

Sandusky, OH


Aug 30 – Sept 2

Orlando, FL

Conference Website –

Influencers of Midlife Conference

The Influencers of Midlife Summit is a multi-day conference for midlife women looking to take their business and life to the next level. The underlying theme for this year’s conference is Living Your Best Life Now.  ​​We believe attendees will walk away from the Influencers of Midlife Summit with increased knowledge & tools to “up” their business (and life) game as well as develop the connections to help support their dreams.

Paris Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Sept 28th – Oct 1st, 2023

Conference website –


We All Grow Summit

“We All Grow Summit is a conference for Latinas in the digital space. The conversation, networking and learning experiences — all bilingual and in-culture — are crafted to create unique and long-lasting connections, as well as professional growth experiences.”

No 2023 date listed yet

Conference website –


Social Media Marketing World

For all social media types and content marketers.  5,000 social media creators from all around the world. 

Mar 13-15, 2023 – San Diego, CA

Conference website –


Digital Travel Summit

The premier interactive conference for travel executives who are looking to reimagine the customer journey.

Sept 12-13, 2023, Weston Hilton Head, SC

Conference website –


Design Bloggers Conference

“The only conference specifically focused on the interests of interior design bloggers, interior design bloggers…Attendees are interior design bloggers, luxury interior designers, traditional design media, new design media innovators, and interior design industry leaders.”

No date set for 2023

Conference website –


TBEX North America

Travel bloggers, influencers and professionals.  Includes speed networking events

July 17-20, 2023 – Eau Claire, WI

Conference website –


Women in Travel Summit

Conference specifically for female bloggers in the travel niche and also general travelers.  

May 19-20, 2023, San Juan Puerto Rico, USA

Conference website –


IPW Conference

Showcasing suppliers of US travel products and destinations. 

May 20-24, 2023, San Antonio, TX

Conference website –


Traffic and Conversion Summit

3 full days of actionable, proven, strategic content from experts and a few celebrities that have been in your shoes and have turned their businesses into juggernauts.

Sep 12-14, 2023 – San Diego, CA

Conference website –


Content Marketing World

Learn from 100+ expert speakers, connect with a vibrant marketing community, and get the tools to advance your future. Join us in Washington, D.C. for three days packed with new ideas and inspiration.

Sept 26-29, 2023, Washington, DC

Conference website –



4-day conference where marketers and other sales influencers can learn, connect, and be inspired. 

Sept 5-8, 2023, Boston, MA

Conference website –


Women’s Travel Fest

Female travel bloggers and influencers

Mar 3-5, 2023 – New York, NY

Conference website –


Podcast Movement

The goal of Podcast Movement has been to bring together and educate active and aspiring podcasters, and industry professionals to grow the podcast community and industry as a whole.  

Aug 21-24, 2023, Denver, CO

Conference website –


Haven Conference

Haven is a 3 day conference designed to educate and empower influencers in the DIY, home decor, and lifestyle spaces.  

July 27, 29, 2023, Atlanta, GA

Conference website –


Health and Wellness Blogging Conference

No date set yet for 2023

Conference website –


Workbench Conference

Be a part of the growing network of diyers, makers, influencers & bloggers discovering new techniques, products and skills all while learning how to take their businesses to the next level.

March 2-4, 2023, Atlanta, GA

Conference website –


The Social Shake-Up

SEO and SEM Professionals

No date set yet for 2023

Conference website –


Mom 2.0 Summit

“An open conversation between Moms + Marketers + Media”

May 7-9, 2023, Scottsdale, AZ

Conference website –


Tastemaker Conference

This is for food bloggers, influencers and content creators.  And of course, there will be fabulous FOOD!  Has several events – both in-person and digital.

In Person Conf – Mar 2-4, 2023, Chicago, IL

Food Creators Retreat – May 18-21, 2023, Lost River Barn, WV

Build a Brand Workshop – June 15-18, Location TBD

Food Videographer Workshop – July 20-23, 2023 Portland, OR

Contract Workshop – Aug 11, 2023 Digital

Virtual Conf – Sept 15, 2023, Digital

Tastemaker SEO Summit, Oct 4-5, 2023, New York, NY

Organize your Sh*t, Nov 16, 2023, Digital

Conference website –


NATJA – North American Travel Journalists Association

Our mission is to provide educational and networking opportunities to help members succeed in the evolving multiplatform journalism environment and travel industry with an emphasis on diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.

May 16-20, 2023, Fairbanks, AK

Conference Website –


The largest Financial Content Expo, “helping hundreds reach millions with a positive money message.”

Oct 18-21, 2023, New Orleans, LA 

Conference website –


Design Bloggers Conference

Bloggers in the interior design space.  Many industry professionals will be presenting.

No 2023 date posted yet, but they are mentioning a 2024 event

Conference website:


Flock Presents

FLOCK hosts focused, topical conferences, intensives, and workshops that push attendees to their best. Gather with like-minded individuals. Gain knowledge and confidence around a specific topic. Grow your brands and your businesses

April 25-27, 2023, DisneyWorld, Orlando, FL

Conference website:


Bloggy Mini Conference

Bloggy Minis are designed as a one-day intensive mastermind, inspired group session.  

Mar 10-12, 2023, Cedar Point, OH

Sept (tbd), 2023, Sandusky, OH


SearchLove Conference

Focused heavily on SEO, technology, and automation. 

Mar 13-14, 2023, San Diego, CA




TBEX Europe

The world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers, writers, new media content creators and social media savvy travel industry professionals.

May 8-11, 2023, Kalamata, Greece

Conference website –


TBEX Africa

The world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers, writers, new media content creators and social media savvy travel industry professionals.  This is the first time they are holding TBEX in Africa

Oct 17-20, Durban, S. Africa

Conference website –


International Food Blogger Conference

Food bloggers and influencers and content creators in the food niche.  

No date set yet for 2023

Conference website –


Adventure Travel Show

Travel writers, photographers, and travelers who love insurance.  

Nov 11-12, 2023 – London

Conference website –


Affiliate World Conference Europe

Affiliate marketing bloggers and professionals

July 12-13, 2023 – Barcelona, Spain

Conference website –


Wine Bloggers Conference

Writers and social media professionals in the wine niche

No date set yet for 2023

Conference website –


Travel Media – Multiple sites

Bloggers, influencers, and other travel media content creators


Jan 25-26, 2023 – NYC

Feb 23-24, 2023 – Sydney

Mar 7, 2023 – Berlin

Mar 14-15, 2023 – London

Mar 15, 2023 – Paris

Conference Website –


World Travel Market – Latin America

Travel industry professionals and influencers.  

WHEN: Apr 3-5, 2023 – Sao Paolo, Brazil

Conference website –


World Travel Market – UK

Travel industry professionals and influencers.  

WHEN: Nov 6-8, 2023

Conference website –



World Travel Market – Africa

Travel and tourism bloggers and professionals

WHEN: Apr 3-5, 2023 – Cape Town, South Africa

Conference website –


Brighton SEO

SEO Professionals for hands on and online sessions

WHEN: Apr 20-21, 2023 – Brighton, UK

Conference website –



Travel bloggers and influencers

WHEN: Sep 21-22, 2023 – Cologne, Germany

Conference website –



Marketing managers and brand executives.  One of the largest tech conferences. 

WHEN:  Nov 13-16, 2023 – Lisbon, Portugal

Conference website –


Travel Classics West

Freelancers and travel bloggers

WHEN: Sept 14-17, 2023, Vancouver, BC

Conference website –



Pinners Conferences

Pinners is not really a blog conference, but it is a very popular event.  Has many craft and lifestyle courses, plus lots of female-themed products for sale.

When & Where:  

Feb 3-4, 2023 Overland Park, KS

Mar 24-25, 2023 Atlanta, GA

Apr 21-22, 2023 Garden City, ID

Aug 25-26, 2023, Pomona, CA

Sep 22-23, 2023, Ft. Worth, TX

Oct (date TBA), 2023, Indianpolis, Indiana

Nov 3-4, 2023, Salt Lake City

Nov 10-11, 2023, Scottsdale, AZ

Conference website:


Baby Palooza

No 2023 dates listed yet.

Conference website –


One more time – you’ll want to check out my BEST posts on blog conferences


What to Pack for a Blog Conference

What to do BEFORE, DURING and AFTER a Blog Conference

Fun times at the Build Your Blog Conference



List of US Blog Conferences

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    1. Sure! I’m happy to hear about more conferences. Sorry I missed the one in San Diego, one of my kids isn’t far from there, so that would’ve been a worthwhile trip.

    2. Actually you guys were already on there. I just had you as Flocked instead of Flock Presents. So I updated the name. I’d love it if you guys could promote my conference posts to your attendees. I have an older one on what to pack for a conference – And I’m working on one right now about what to do BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER a blog conference. Very helpful stuff, especially for conference newbies!

  1. Adrian,
    We would love to have you include us on your blog conference page.
    ​The Influencers of Midlife Summit is a multi-day conference for midlife women looking to take their business and life to the next level. The underlying theme for this year’s conference is Living Your Best Life Now.
    ​​We are teaching intermediate and advanced workshops and we believe attendees will walk away from the Influencers of Midlife Summit with increased knowledge & tools to “up” their business (and life) game as well as develop the connections to help support their dreams. ​
    We created the Summit to give midlife women an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and learn best practices to be successful in their businesses.

    Thank you!
    Robin LaMonte, Founder of the Influencers of Midlife Summit

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