Need help for your small business? Quick and easy QuickBooks to help you manage your business finances.

How to Use QuickBooks Online for Your Business

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Your business is growing.  It’s time to ditch the spreadsheet and jump into QuickBooks Online.

Ready to use QuickBooks Online without worrying about your bookkeeping being a disaster?  Quickbooks Online is THE most popular bookkeeping software.

You’ve heard all about QuickBooks Online.

You’ve signed up for the free trial, opened up the program with an I-Got-This-Attitude

But then… you got slammed with a big ‘ol case of the WTFs.

How to Use QuickBooks Online for Your Business

You’ve tried Googling answers but everything is written for people who actually know about accounting. And unfortunately…

Like MANY new business owners – You don’t know sh*t about accounting.  But you need to learn some basics and FAST.

At this point, you’re pretty sure if you teach yourself QuickBooks Online your bookkeeping is going to be a hot mess and you’ll be miserable every time you sit down to deal with it.

I know when I was a brand new business owner, I had SO many questions.

  • What can I write off?
  • How do I figure my home office expenses?
  • How much do I need to save for taxes?
  • Do I need to start doing that quarterly payments thing?
  • What records do I need to keep?
  • Can I write off my travel expenses for conferences and stuff?
  • Just soooooo many questions!  I’m sure you’re asking a lot of the same questions.


Need help for your small business? Quick and Dirty Quickbooks gives you a simple solution to learn how to manage your business finances.

Happily, I have a terrific solution to help you learn the basics of QuickBooks Online to help your business.  My favorite online Financial Adviser Andi Smiles has created a course called Quick and Dirty Quickbooks.

I don’t know about you, but this business owner hasn’t got a lot of time to waste.  When I need to learn something new, I want the Cliff Notes version.  I want something that will help me learn the basics as QUICKLY as humanly possible so I can get on with my life.  How ’bout YOU?

Get Registered for Quick and Dirty QuickBooks now and you can be up and running in just a few days.


Panic-Free Tax Prep

That’s not all that Andi has to offer us!  In addition to Quick and Dirty Quickbooks, she has a very helpful product called Panic-Free Tax Prep.

Even if you have filed your business taxes for the year, this product has worksheets and guidelines for how to keep proper records for the NEXT tax year. I’ll tell you – it was a LIFESAVER my first year in business when I was scrambling to figure out my deductions and keep proper business records.  Full disclosure that I DO have a Tax Preparer who helps me with the legal stuff.  I don’t do my own dentistry and I don’t do my own taxes for the same reason.  They can both be painful and I’ve got no business messing with things I don’t understand.  Some things are just best left to professionals!

But even if you have a good tax guy, you still need to have all your expenses in some kind of order and organization for them to be able to prepare your taxes.  That’s where Quickbooks comes in.  You are able to say you’ve spent this much for advertising, this much for your website, and you’ve brought in this much in income for the year.  That way you are getting the proper deductions AND declaring your income fairly, even if it’s a small amount.

Quick and dirty Quickbooks

Business bookkeeping software can be complicated.  I’ve tried a couple of different methods and I’ve found Quickbooks Online to be the best option to get the detail I felt I needed to understand my expenses and to be able to defend them in case of the dreaded audit situation.  Panic-Free Tax Prep also enabled me to have confidence in what I needed to help give clarity to my Accountant to file my taxes.  When you file your taxes, you are signing a legal document and there are penalties if you make a mistake, under-report your income or can’t support your deductions.

I knew there were things that I just didn’t know, so that’s why I got my copy of Panic-Free Tax Prep.  Taxes are just too important to just go with whatever tips you find floating around on the Interwebs.  This program was created by a certified tax professional so you can have confidence when you have to sign on the dotted line  come April 15th.

Get your copy of Panic-Free Tax Prep now.

Panic-free tax prep business taxes tracking expenses

Get Your QuickBooks Online Discount

Now, about that offer for your 55% off Discount for Quickbooks Online.  By clicking my link shown below, you will receive a 55% off discount for QuickBooks Online or 55% off QuickBooks Self-Employed for 3 months.*


What are the details of the special discount?

*55% off the monthly price for QuickBooks Online (Simple Start, Essentials or Plus only) or QuickBooks Self-Employed is for the first 3 months of service starting from the date of enrollment for new paying subscribers only (trial subscriptions are not applicable), followed by the then-current fee for the service. Additional terms, conditions, pricing, features, service and support are subject to change without notice.


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How to Use QuickBooks Online for Your Business


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How to Use QuickBooks Online for Your Business

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