How to Find the BEST Pinterest Group Boards

How to Find the BEST Pinterest Group Boards

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Questions about Pinterest group boards? I’ve got the answers

The questions I get most often are about Pinterest group boards. Group boards are definitely a critical part of your Pinterest strategy. In fact, I own more than a dozen group boards and it brings me most of my subscribers, so it definitely is a strategy that works for me in many different ways.  Pinterest group boards aren’t as powerful as they used to be, but they are still a valid Pinterest strategy that will increase the reach of your pins and get you more traffic.  But you’ve got to be strategic in how you pick out your group boards.

How to Find the BEST Pinterest Group Boards on Pinterest

Here is my best tip on how to find the best group boards on Pinterest. Using the Pinterest search tools, input some search terms that relate to your niche.  Then see what pinners show up at the TOP of these results.  Use that info to find the biggest, most successful accounts you can find for your particular niche. Then go look around their profile and find the group boards they are using.  They are a top pinner because they are using good strategies and good group boards.  So look at the boards that are a good fit and apply to join them.  Smart, huh?

Here’s some info from Pinterest on the purpose of Pinterest group boards.

Find the Best Pinterest group boards



The things I look for in a Pinterest group board are:

  • Do they have high-quality pins on them?
  • Does it fit my niche? What will I have to contribute to this particular board? You definitely are better with a few specific niche board than a bunch of “free for all” boards that allow any type of pins.  I never use those “pin all the things” boards.  You don’t want your terrific pin on Pinterest strategies next to a recipe for apple pie, a breastfeeding pin, and a home decor pin, right?
  • Do they have a reasonable amount of pins and Followers on them?  I usually won’t join a board under 500 pins or less than 100 Followers.  In fact, I usually will hold out for a board with more like 5,000 Followers.  That will get my pins seen by more people.
  • Is the board well-managed? If it’s got a lot of spammy looking pins on it, STAY AWAY – you don’t want to be in the company of these folks, it can seriously harm your reputation with Pinterest.
  • You definitely want a board with SOME rules about what types of pins can be added or how many per day. Usually 5 per day is good. That means the owner is taking the time to monitor the board.  Note that they aren’t sitting there counting. They just want to make sure you aren’t adding 20 in a row – I’ve had that happen!
  • But – is the board too restrictive? If the board requires you to pin a certain amount of other pins, or only allows fewer than 5 pins a day, I’d skip it. There are plenty of easier boards to try.

What if I get kicked off Pinterest Group boards?

It’s definitely going to happen. I kick people off my boards all the time – usually 2 or 3 folks per month and I am VERY selective about who I add.  Just take a look at what you were doing and learn from the experience on the next board.  Were you pinning too often? Did you stray off the board topic?  Were you pinning the same pins over and over again?

Good rule of thumb, do NOT repeat a pin more often than once a month or so.  And creating multiple fresh pins for your posts is a great strategy.

What about your OWN Pinterest group boards?

That’s actually my BEST advice. Get your OWN group boards set up. Then no one else can kick you off or can tell you what you can add or how often (although you DO want to set a good example for your contributors).

Here is another post I wrote about this topic – How to Create Your OWN Group Boards and Why You NEED Them It’s one of my most popular posts and has a lot of good advice if you’re thinking of starting your own boards or if you are a Pinterest group board owner. Go check it out and then PIN IT to help others.

One of my top strategies for getting Followers is to create my own group boards and manage them.  I have about a dozen of them for a variety of niches.  If you’d like to look into joining my boards, you can apply here – my Pinterest group boards.  I’ve got high numbers of Followers on both of my accounts, so it seems to have worked.  Over 40,000 Followers on my lifestyle site.

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How to Find the BEST Pinterest Group Boards

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