Tailwind is my hands-down FAVORITE scheduling tool for Pinterest.  I’ve used it for years and I use it a LOT.  I use it for myself and also for several clients, so I really give it a workout!  I like it even better because I’ve been able to use Tailwind for FREE for nearly that whole time!  Oh, and I did I mention that Tailwind has recently added Instagram scheduling and also looping?  #Instagood #happydance #automatichashtags #youneedthisnow

I've gotten my Tailwind account for free for YEARS - I'll show you how you can too.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of them and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission. It’s one of the ways I support my site.

Tailwind typical results https://blog.tailwindapp.com/typical-results-of-tailwind-for-pinterest-members/

You too can use Tailwind for free and I’m happy to show you how.  Their affiliate program is amazing and I’ve gotten great results from sharing my affiliate link.  If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, you may not be very familiar with affiliate programs, so I’ll give you the rundown on how it works in just three EASY steps:

Step One:  Get an affiliate link

Rather than sign up for a special program (which most companies require), Tailwind automatically gives EVERYONE their own affiliate link.  It looks just like this:


Or it might look like this:


These links go to the Tailwind sign-up page, but they carry an extra bit of code that tells them “Adrian has sent you this referral”.  So, when someone signs up under this link, I get paid with a free month of service and they get a free month too.  Pretty cool, huh?

In case you are wondering where YOUR affiliate code is, just sign into Tailwind (if you are a member).  If not, I know how you can sign up (hint, hint).  At the top of every page is a toolbar that has a heart.  Just click on that heart and it will take you to your own code.  They even offer links to automatically share it from Facebook, Twitter, or via Email, but I prefer a more direct approach to invite people directly to my Tribes.  There are additional sharing buttons in your Tribes as well.  .

Step Two – Share your Link

Sharing your link is EASY.  I’ve shared mine in LOTS of places.  I’ve included it in several posts of mine – like this one about Tailwind Tribes.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Tailwind has a very generous referral plan. When you refer someone to them, you get a $15 credit for each one. That’s how I get MY account for FREE. How ’bout you? ” quote=”Tailwind has a very generous referral plan. When you refer someone to them, you get a $15 credit for each one. That’s how I get MY account for FREE. How ’bout you? ” theme=”style4″]

I’ve shared it in Facebook groups – not in a spammy way, but if someone seems new to blogging or has questions about Tailwind, I’ll usually help answer their questions, and then offer them my link if they want to sign up.  Or sometimes, I’ll send them a brief screenshot video showing off some of the great features of Tailwind, which includes my link.

Naturally, my link is included in my Pinterest Ebook.  I have a whole section where I talk about different scheduling tools I’ve tried and why Tailwind is my number one choice.

I make a point to share it frequently on my new Facebook page – Help for New Bloggers.  To me, sharing a good thing like this is like having a plate of delicious cookies.  Why wouldn’t you share them with your friends?  And if someone is on a diet or doesn’t like delicious cookies – no problem.  You simply turn and offer them to the next person.

Here’s my big secret about how YOU can get your Tailwind for free.

I have Group Boards – lots of them.  In fact, I just wrote a post about Why You Need Your OWN Group Boards.  I also have three different Tailwind Tribes – one for my favorite topics of parenting, organizing, and saving money, one for more general blog posts, and one for social media.  These are popular topics, so I get a LOT of requests.  I always take a peek first, but if I like them and they have good pins on their boards, I’ll add them.

When I get requests from bloggers wanting to join my group boards or my Tribes – You can bet that every one of those bloggers receives my affiliate link in one way or another.  You see, Tailwind tribes are available to people who aren’t even using Tailwind yet, so every time I invite someone new to my Tribe, it automatically sends them my affiliate link in the invitation.  Win-win!

Step Three – Sit Back and Accept your Free Months

This step is the easiest of all!  Every few days, Tailwind sends me an Email to let me know that someone has accepted my invitation, and I’ve gotten another month of Tailwind for free.  #happydance


You can get your Tailwind for free. See how I do it and you can too.

In fact, sometimes they have a double reward promo during the summer.  Last time they did this, I got six different sign-ups at two months each!!!  Right there, that paid for my Tailwind account for the YEAR!  See how EASY this is? $30 bucks for free, you betcha!  #cha-ching

They even have a special incentive.  Once you get your first five referrals – they’ll send you a $25 Amazon gift card. I’m not sure if they will offer that deal forever, but it’s a nice little incentive to keep sharing.

So, how are you going to use this information to get your own Tailwind for free?

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