How to Get Noticed on Facebook

How to Get Noticed on Facebook

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Facebook is such a useful tool for getting traffic to your site and getting sales for your products and services.  However, I see a LOT of users who are going about it all WRONG!  Here are some helpful tips to help you get noticed on Facebook in groups, pages, and in share threads.

How to get noticed on Facebook


How to Get Noticed on Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are an amazing resource.  I belong the a number of both free and paid groups and they are absolutely my go-to when I have a question about blogging, social media, newsletters, or just about anything.  It’s also been a rich resource for me to get both traffic and new business.  But you have to know how to participate in these groups in a helpful and non-salesy way.

I used to moderate a Facebook group of about 400 bloggers and sometimes people would show up in the most pushy ways and it was just awkward.  They’d hop into the group with barely a “how do you do” and immediately start plugging their service or product.  That’s a great way to get kicked out of a group (and that’s exactly what I would do) as it is against the rules of most groups.  And usually the members pull back as well because no one wants to deal with someone so aggressive.  But with the right approach, you can do really well.

Try something like this instead:

Get noticed on Facebook


This is an example of a Canva template I picked up in one of my paid VA groups – thank you Rhonda Melogy!  It’s a great way to get free traffic on Facebook by building important relationships in Facebook groups.

This is also a great way to introduce yourself.  It’s bright, colorful, unique, and a perfect mix of personal and professional.  It really gives the other group members a chance to connect with you.  In our group, we had about 80 people introducing themselves with these Canva graphics and it was an amazing way to build genuine connections within a Facebook group!  All different colors and designs, different descriptions and logos.  That’s a super way to get noticed on Facebook and make a positive first impression without breaking the rules.

Protip:  Sometimes people will post something that they KNOW is against the group rules.  They will say something like “I don’t know if this is allowed, if not moderator please remove”.  Don’t be that jerky person.  I would remove those people from my group ASAP, because they KNOW perfectly well they are breaking the rules and they’re just trying to get a hit anyway before it gets deleted.  Know the rules of the group and follow them carefully.  

Conversations in Facebook Groups

The key to getting clients in Facebook groups is to be friendly, helpful, and active in the group.  Participate in the conversations as frequently as you can, offer plenty of helpful tips, and take a bit of time to get to know people in the group.  Don’t be super salesy or pushy, but gradually you can start sharing a post that might answer a question, or mentioning a situation with a client and how you solved it.  Then just wait for people to ask about your business.  That’s a way to share without being pushy or getting banned.  And be very careful about PM’s – make sure you have people’s permission before you send them a private message.

Share threads are a popular way to get traffic from Facebook groups, but again you’ve got to do it RIGHT.  A couple of threads I participate in have hundreds of responses and 90% of the people are posting the same uninspired responses:

  • Come follow me on Instagram/blah blah blah
  • I’d love shares on this new post blah blah blah
  • Can you come follow me on Facebook/blah blah blah

It’s no wonder that most of these don’t get noticed on Facebook.  Here’s a secret – people don’t give a crap about what YOU want.  Instead, you need to point out what is in it for THEM.  Try this instead:

  • I post on Instagram about helpful tips to boost your social media and particularly your Pinterest account.  Come check it out at Instagram/thisisme
  • I just finished a terrific post about how to save money on your grocery shopping.  I can shop for a family of four for $50 a week, come check it out and hopefully share it to help your friends at thisismysite/mypost.
  • On my Facebook page, I share daily posts with terrific recipes that will keep your family well fed and happy.  Come visit me at Facebook/mypage

See the difference?  Don’t be boring – take a little time to write more than a quick “you-focused” sentence.  Point out what’s in it for them or how it’s going to solve a problem for them.  And be sure and reciprocate a few other people’s posts per the rules of the thread.  Moderators do check every so often, and especially if you are sharing a more memorable post, you are more likely stand out to a moderator, so follow the rules.

Pro tip:  I make note of which groups have weekly share threads and I put reminders in my phone for them so I don’t miss them.  Check out my post on Facebook groups to get a list of my favorites and their share days.

How to Get Noticed on Facebook Pages

Facebook pages aren’t getting nearly as much reach as they used to get, but they aren’t dead yet.  I have three of them I manage and they get daily likes, comments, and clicks to my site.  But if you’re going to get noticed on Facebook pages, you’ve got a few things you need to do.

Set your page up correctly – This is very important.  Within the first 3 seconds of someone seeing your page, they should know EXACTLY what your page is about and what you have to offer.  Here’s an example from one of my pages – can you tell exactly what I’m offering?  This is one of the keys to getting traffic on Facebook.


Get Noticed on Facebook

So make sure your page is set up to be totally clear about what you’re offering.  Keep in mind that you are designing for both desktop and mobile, so make sure you put your most important info in the center part of the image in a nice clear font.

Now you’ve got your page set up, you’ve got to stock it with posts.  It’s really difficult to manage manual daily posting to a Facebook page because you want to post frequently.  I post 3-4 times per day to my pages.  So you’re going to need a scheduler.  Now, Facebook strongly prefers it’s built-in scheduler, but I’ll be honest, it’s very slow and pretty clunky.  But those Facebook-scheduled posts WILL get better traction than posts using a third-party scheduler so you may want to use a mix of the two.

I use SmarterQueue to schedule the daily posts for my three pages.  It’s about $25/month for 3 sites and will cycle up to 1000 posts.  Like any other tool, it has it’s plusses and minuses, but I love the way it recycles posts through every few months without my intervention.

I hope these tips will help you to get noticed on Facebook and get more visibility for your site and products.

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How to Get Noticed on Facebook

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