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This Blog Growth Planner has all the SECRETS

to make your blog a SUCCESS.

BLOGGING can be a tricky THING to master – Especially if you want to make MONEY WITH IT

According to ProBlogger, 70% of new bloggers
will never earn their first $100.

I think that’s TRAGIC.
Blogging is too much WORK to not make MONEY at it!


This planner will help you get your ducks in a row
so you can get out of your own way to start
generating an income, even if your traffic is LOW.

I meet a lot of bloggers and the main complaint they have
is that they don’t know how to get traffic or to make
any money with their blog. That’s why I created this planner.

Sometimes you just need someone who can take you by the hand and say
“Um, you don’t want to do that. Try doing this instead.”
And it will make all the difference in the world!

You need to know HOW to manage your social media efforts.  Where to show up, how often to post, and which ones to not bother with. Consistency matters.  

You need to know HOW to structure your blog posts to genuinely HELP your readers and provide them with opportunities to purchase products or services from your posts.  

You need to know how to TRACK your metrics, your products, your expenses, your income, and so much MORE.  It’s hard to improve without knowing your starting point.

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A little bit about me

I’ve been blogging for 15 years and I run two very different blogs. I have a lifestyle site, and this blogger tech site.  

After 40 years in the Corporate World – most of it as a Financial Advisor for Wells Fargo, I decided to retire and become a full-time blogger, social media consultant and freelancer.  

And I am LOVING my new life!  No more 9-5 and I am able to earn a consistent living from my various enterprises.  I like variety and I LOVE teaching people new things, so this is a perfect career for me as no two days are ever the same.  I love to coach new bloggers and new freelancers, and I have a variety of products to help them grow their businesses and blogs.  

I don’t believe success like this happens by chance.  It takes smarts, hard work and a bit of luck!  But it IS do-able.  

It happens by having specific, proven strategies and making small, simple tweaks to move their account in the right direction.  That’s what I’m going to share with YOU in this Blog Growth Planner.  

i’m ready for some help

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I want to learn what to change to get GREAT RESULTS from my blog.

how does this it work?

  • One thing I LOVE is that this is a low-tech solution.  I know a lot of people are uncomfortable with technology, so this is a great option.  It comes to your inbox, you open it up, print yourself a copy and then 3-hole punch it and keep in a handy notebook.  And just track everything with pencil and paper.  Nothing could be easier!
  • It has spaces to track everything related to your blog!

– Your top posts
– Keywords and SEO categories
– Expenses and income
– Social media Followers
– Monthly traffic
– Products and services to sell and your monetization plan for each
– Blog post ideas
– And so much MORE

  • All in full-glorious color.  I know making in pretty isn’t a necessity, but it makes it more appealing to work with.
  • There are sooooo many aspects to building a successful blog, so you need a tool like this planner to take your blog from a fun hobby to a profitable business, regardless of your niche or blogging style.
  • I’ll also answer any questions you have and provide you with ongoing advice and support through my weekly newsletters.  This whole site is packed FULL of tips and advice to help bloggers on their journey and I share little tidbits and videos with you every week or so.


Blog Planner

Smart Strategies

  • This is just ONE PAGE of the planner, but look at how much information you can pack into just one blog post! You’ll never look at writing a blog post the same way when you are able to add structure like this to your posts.
  • This is such a minimal investment to improve your blog. So many courses and coaching programs are hundreds (or thousands) of dollars, but this is about the cost of a pizza! I wanted to create something even a small beginning blogger could afford.
  • If you don’t try this planner, what are you going to do? You’ve probably tried increasing your traffic and income on your own, but maybe you need something simpler to work on being more consistent with your blog.
  • I’m also available for blog coaching, if you decide you need more intensive help. I’ll keep in contact with you and if you want to work together, I’m right here. I can also provide hands-on support with some of the technical stuff that might be tripping you up. That’s why I started this whole site – to help new bloggers deal with all the different parts of running a blog.

i’m ready to start today

I want to grow my traffic and start earning some money with my blog. 

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Blog Growth Planner

What if THIS PLANNER could help you to…

Make a few simple changes to your blogging strategy
that would make ALL the difference? 

How to show up consistently and confidently and to focus your attention on the actions that will increase your bottom line.  



Want to move forward and try something new?

This Blog Growth Planner is just what you need to LEVEL UP. 

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