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Welcome to Help for New Bloggers

I’m Adrian Gentilcore, the owner of Help for New Bloggers.  I started this site because I am passionate about helping people manage their technology.  It’s my sweet spot and I know it isn’t as fun for most people.  So as a full-time blogger and Virtual Assistant, I have a lot of different ways that I can help you out and let you get on with the tasks you really love.  

Note that I’m in the middle of rebranding to my new site – Your Fairy Techmother, so you’ll see some links pointing you to my new site. Help for New Bloggers is related to the how-to’s of blogging and online technology, but my VA business is now on it’s own site.

I’ve been blogging for a hot minute (15 years at the moment!), so I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a blog tick, and what types of struggles bloggers, coaches, and business owners face in running their sites. I’m currently running 3 sites, so each can have it’s own unique focus:

  • This site is my blogger tech site. I cover everything blog-related, plus how to navigate your social media, and blog conferences you can attend throughout the country.
  • My magical VA site – Your Fairy Techmother is where to go if you want to see my services and pricing for my done for you services.
  • My new personal finance site – Start a New Chapter Consulting where I cover all things related to debt, personal finance, teaching your teens and adult kids about money, and my debt-free coaching.
  • My original lifestyle blog – Adrian’s Crazy Life where I talk about travel, parenting, and organizing/decluttering

That’s why I offer so many different options to help people with their websites. I like variety, so I do a little of everything – I build and fix WordPress websites, do social media management, help people set up newsletters, and products to sell.

I’m happiest when I’m coaching or otherwise helping bloggers, coaches and business owners to be successful.  I can either TEACH YOU how to do it, or DO IT FOR YOU – either way is fine with me.

Probably the best thing is to set up a 15 minute coffee chat with me. We can talk about what is going on with your site and how I might be able to help you out.

Or you can find me at:

(Take yer pick!)

Here’s a bit of a back story about me and my somewhat unusual path to success:

I worked full-time in the Corporate Finance world for 40 years, most of it at Wells Fargo. But I also am a serial entrepreneur so I ran a string of side businesses during that timeframe and also while raising our 3 boys.  So I’ve always had a LOT going on in my life.

Corporate life finally got old for me, so I decided to step away to become a full-time blogger and freelancer.  So much more fun – I love having the freedom to plan my days and choose my projects and I have wonderful clients – much nicer than my Corporate bosses! 

But just a few months after I retired, I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.  Then a few months later – pandemic!  Quite a roller coaster for my first official year in business.  But shockingly, it all worked out.  Even though I was sometimes working from a hospital bed (3 surgeries during 2020!), I still managed to DOUBLE my business thanks to a dear friend and business associate who referred a whole portfolio of great clients to me!

Now, I am fully recovered and I run the business with the help of my assistant, my 75-year-old sister Karla.  Personally, I think it is hilarious that a couple of “over the hill” gals like us can manage an Internet-based business. We’re not much for stereotypes and we’re both workaholic, out-of-the-box thinkers at any age.  

Help for New Bloggers

Lessons Learned

Never give up

and never underestimate yourself!  You can cuss and moan the whole time, but KEEP GOING.

Try new things

Try ALL the things!  Say YES when something new comes up.  You never know which one is going to work out for you.  And for the love of Pete – if you’re unhappy in your job, your marriage, or your life in general, make another choice!  You aren’t a tree – pick up and MOVE.  Happiness might be just around the corner. 

You CAN change

Going from a lifetime spent as an employee to a business owner was a bit of a bumpy transition for me.  But I learned and I changed and now these life is AWESOME for me.  You’re never too old to make a major pivot and try something new.  Even if you fall on your face, you’ll learn something.  

Don’t believe the stereotypes

Older women can’t manage computers – ha!  You have a serious illness, so you can’t do the things you want to.  You don’t have a degree or a certificate or whatever – SO WHAT? (Here’s a secret – I don’t either.  I’m just a High School Graduate, but I’ve managed to do amazing things simply because I decided to DO THEM.)  You don’t have enough money to do things – find some.  It’s out there. There’s money around every corner if you know where to look for it.  

All these excuses are just that – excuses.  For every challenge you have (and I know they are REAL challenges) – other people have found a way to push through them.  This means you can too!

Say YES to travel

Travel is my #1 priority these days and I’ve got a ton of posts on my lifestyle site Adrian’s Crazy Life for helping you find great travel options that are semi-affordable.  Cancer and the pandemic taught me that life is too short to pass up awesome opportunities to really ENJOY your one and only life.

I hope you will stick around, browse through some of my posts and take advantage of the resources I’ve provided here at Help for New Bloggers. I believe in you and want you to succeed and if there is any way I can help you do that, feel free to reach out and let’s talk.