Hi, my name is Adrian and this is my About Me page for my site HelpforNewBloggers.  My second site to be specific.  I started my lifestyle blog AdriansCrazyLife.com clear back in 2007, which is pretty much ancient history in internet years. 

But these last few years, I’ve found myself drifting over to the technical side of blogging.  I started working as a Pinterest VA (Virtual Assistant) and I started helping a lot of my blogger friends with technical stuff on their sites.  I wrote a couple of Ebooks, and a LOT of posts about blogging-specific topics.  In short, I outgrew my lifestyle blog.  So I decided it was time to branch off into this new site.  

I’ve got so much great stuff to SHARE with you.  Lots of Pinterest tips but also helpful posts on WordPress, favorite plugins, tools I LOVE, the best blogging courses I’ve found, the magic of blogging conferences and local events, how to get started with affiliate marketing, even how to set up your own Ebooks and other products.  I’ve always LOVED computers and I am that person in the office who knows all the cool things the software can do. 

That’s a little out-of-character for a woman of my generation, but I think stereotypes are pretty boring, don’t you?  I do work in the Corporate world during the day, and I’ve been teaching all kinds of computer stuff to people for more than 40 years.  So, I know my stuff and if you’ll stick around, I’ll share some of it with you.  

But I LOVE being a blogger because I get to do a ton of very cool stuff.  I’ve gotten to meet a bunch of interesting people and do so many fun things!  I’ve even made a bit of money along the way.  And teaching people is just plain FUN for me (and I guess it’s rather a nice benefit for YOU!).  The best part is no two days are EVER the same.  

Here’s my favorite quote:

Be a VOICE – Not an ECHO.  Albert Einstein

That tells you the basic facts about me pretty well. I’m definitely a unique voice, but I’m having fun and loving life, so it’s all good.  

On the business side of things – If you are an advertiser or product sponsor, I also do a wide variety of product reviews.  After decades in the Corporate world, I am thorough, professional, honest and I follow through on what I have agreed to do.  


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