As I get older, I find that some friends have fallen to the wayside while others are my saving grace.  I think of them as my “Tribe” and they ARE my people.  Especially for bloggers – that face-to-face time can be MORE valulable than any number of ebooks or courses.  I’ve learned more from just chatting with other bloggers than anyplace else!

Life is filled with ups and downs, circumstances lead us down many paths and it can be difficult navigating the unknown. Because of this reason, it’s important to have people around to get us through those tough times, support our dreams and ensure we live a life of joy.

Do not go through life alone, surround yourself with a few others and you’ll reap the rewards that come from having meaningful and worthy relationships.

Networking is SO important for bloggers. That face-to-face interaction with other bloggers is the BEST type of learning, I promise you! Click To Tweet

Especially for bloggers, that face-to-face networking is so critical. You learn SO much for just talking to other bloggers. That's why I recommend blog conferences so highly.


To get the most out of your friendships and have quality relationships, there are certain types of friends you want to have in your life:

The Comedian

Life would be completely boring without laughter.  As someone who’s generally serious in nature, I can especially value the importance of having a comedian in your life.  This person brings humor, laughter and fun to your day to day and can usually find light in the gloomiest of circumstances.  Laughter brings with it many health benefits and that comedian friend in your life can truly enhance your life experiences.

The Enlightened

Everyone needs an advisor or mentor. Someone they can go to for clarity and purpose, especially when the big stuff comes up.

This person is the one that has been through many life experiences, is wise beyond her years and you know and trust her to offer good advice and share an enlightened perspective.


Your Opposite

If you already have this person in your life you probably wonder sometimes how you ever became friends. She’s your polar opposite but in some weird way you complement each other.  You’ll find yourself learning more about the behavior of other people and what drives them and your relationship with her will open your eyes to things you wouldn’t normally even notice.  You’ll grow to accept people that are different than you and develop skills to navigate differences of opinions and lifestyles.  You will mature as a person because of this friendship.

The Caretaker

Part of being a great friend is being there when they are in need.  Life can be brutal sometimes and you may be put in a position to simply need help.  You will be thankful you have this friend and be more than willing to give back when they, too, are in need.

This friend will come to the rescue day or night, give freely of themselves and lets you go through life confident, knowing you have someone who is always in your corner.  They are kind, giving and have a passion for helping others.  This person is hard to find, so be sure to treat them well and never take them for granted.


If you don’t have a BFF, get one!  This friend could pull off being your entourage all by herself.  She is loyal beyond measure; she knows all the good and bad stuff about you and is always present.  She’s probably the only one that you still actually speak on the phone with.  She becomes part of your family and you talk about everything under the sun. You don’t have to explain yourself to her; she just accepts you as you are.  She’s the tell-it-like-it-is friend; brutally honest because she loves you and knows you have to hear it.  She will go out of her way for your happiness and you will live life differently because of her.  She is your true BFF, your confidant and rock.

Meaningful friendships allow us to live a happier, purposeful and joy filled life that we couldn’t alone. Your tribe of friends will lift you up when you are feeling down; guide you and be there for you during tough times;  your friends will you bring you love, joy and strength through this wonderful journey of life.

If you need to find a Tribe, I have a great Facebook group that is specifically for bloggers.  It’s a great group to come to with your technical blogging questions and when you just need support.  You can join here – Blogger Revolution group.  And be sure to check out my post on blog conferencesThey are so critical to your success.

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