3 Major Mistakes on Your Coaching Website and How to Fix Them

3 Major Mistakes on Your Coaching Website and How to Fix Them

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Today we’re going to share 3 major mistakes you’re making on your coaching website that are costing you clients (and how to fix them) – Guest post by Sierra Janisse.

Sierra Janisse is the web designer behind Sierra Lin Design. Sierra specializes in personality-packed, high-converting websites and sales pages for female coaches so they can expand their reach online, serve more women, and make money doing what they love.

Sierra Janisse Coaching Website


There’s a reason no one’s booking your discovery calls from your coaching website:

Yep, it’s your website. But don’t freak out, we can fix it 😉

I help coaches build beautiful and strategic coaching websites that have ideal clients rushing to jump on their email lists. And as you know if you’ve spent more than a couple days trying your hand at the DIY design process, there’s a lot more that goes into building a strategic online platform than pretty fonts and color palettes.

And the hard (but unavoidable!) truth remains: if your coaching website’s design and content are not the best they can be, then you are losing potential clients.

Not fun, but true.

What is fun is making sure that your website is an effective and fabulous lead converting machine that makes you money and expands your reach online.

The following three mistakes are the most common ones I see when coaches ask me to audit their websites. Luckily, all three can be fixed with a bit of simple web design strategy – no fancy platforms or “tech” skills needed.

Sierra Janisse Coaching Website


Mistake #1: Having a confusing headline on the Homepage (or no headline at all)

Above the fold (or the part of your Homepage that’s visible before a visitor scrolls) should contain a clear sentence or phrase that says what you offer and who you serve. Your title of “Lifestyle Coach” or “Brand Engineer” may be clear to you, but probably doesn’t make sense to your ideal client.

Help her out with something she can understand in her own words.

Here’s an example: I help ambitious solopreneurs ditch the overwhelm and create easy systems so they can run their businesses on autopilot.


Mistake #2: Forgetting a Call-To-Action on every page (or having the wrong< call to action)

A call to action (or CTA) is the specific next step you want your ideal client to take when first coming to your website.

This step should bring her closer to booking with you, but should be easy, simple, and effortless.

Booking a discovery call with you is not an appropriate call to action, because it requires a level of commitment your ideal client is not ready for when she first discovers your website.

Instead, try enticing her onto your email list with an irresistible lead magnet freebie.

Example: Say bye-bye to exhaustion and hello to a restful night’s sleep. Grab the free guide to getting quality rest in under 7 hours

Once your potential client is on your email list, you’ve made a major win. It’s now possible to educate and nurture her towards booking that first Discovery Call with you in the relative intimacy of her inbox.


Mistake #3: Writing copy that fails to speak to your ideal client’s pain and pleasure points

Want your ideal client to stare at your Homepage thinking:

“Oh my gosh . . . she really gets it! How does she know exactly what I need to hear? How can I learn more from her?”

Strategic coaching websites achieve this by displaying website copy (or the words on your website) that focuses on both an ideal client’s pleasure and pain points.

For the pain points, consider your ideal client’s deepest problems and what they are currently struggling with.

Consider how your ideal client would complete the sentence: “I would pay anything not to have / to get rid of _____.”   Now position your services as solutions to that exact problem or pain.

For the pleasure points, consider your ideal client’s deepest desires.

Consider how your ideal client would complete the sentence: “I would pay anything for _______.”   Now position your services and offerings as providing that exact thing.


Is your coaching website actually making you money by converting casual browsers into eager subscribers and raving fans?  If not, grab my free Website Checklist for Coaches for more easy to implement strategies so you can transform your site from “meh” to a client-attracting, lead-generating machine that works on autopilot.


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Sierra Janisse Coaching Website


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3 Major Mistakes on Your Coaching Website and How to Fix Them

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